The Sixth annual Swahili Fashion Week will take place at Golden Tulip hotel from the, 6th to
8th December 2013 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
Swahili Fashion Week 2013 will collectively bring together more than 15 international designers
from 9 countries combined with 27 Tanzanian designers to showcase their collection, predicting
trend for the East African market for year 2014.

“The following international designers will be showcasing at the Swahili Fashion Week, where
by on day One (6th Dec 2013) there will be Cynthia Schiming – Namibia, Yvonne Ndawana –
Zimbabwe, Afrostreet Kollektion – Kenya and Michelle Ouma – Kenya and on day two (7th
Dec 2013) there will be Kutowa Designs –Zambia, Walove – Kenya, Lulu Philista Oniang’o –
Kenya, Terrance Chipembere –Zimbabwe, Carla Silva – Angola, 2Heads by Atsu – Ghana,
Estelle Mantel Clothing – Zambia, Chizika – Czech Republic, Taati Sibolile Maison – Namibia
and Palse South Africa – South Africa. And on day three (8th Dec 2013) there will be Arapapa
by Santa Anzo – Uganda, Hafeni Frans – Namibia, MO Creations & Couture – Zambia, Suhaa
Schmitz – Rwanda and David Tlale – South Africa” Said Honest Arroyal, Fashion Coordinator
“And the Tanzanian Based designers that will be showcasing their works on Swahili Fashion
week are: on
day one there will be H &A Dress to Impress, Tanzania Mitindo House, Anne
Kiwia Dar es Salaam, Na Kadhalika, Can Wear and Handmade from Tanzania, Malleni
Designs, House of Wellu, Keramiti, Catherine Mlowe, Jasmine Greca Sinare, Lucky Creations
and Ailinda Sawe. On day two the Designer’s showcasing will be :Martin
Kadinda, Hameed
Abdul, Khadija Mwanamboka, Dominick Godfrey, Yechi & Yuchi, PSJ Couture and Mgece
Makory. And on the last day the designer’s showcasing will be :Eve
Collections, An Nisa
Abayas, Eskado Bird, Kiki’s Fashion, Asia Idarous Khamsin, Gabriel Mollel, Zaidi Africa, and
Jamilla Vera Swai” added Mr Arroyal
Apart from the Runway showcase, we shall have the annual shopping festival as part of the
broader fashion week.
“Shopping Festival will provide different creative entrepreneurs an opportunity to network, sell
and advertising their products. The entry will be FREE and doors for public will be open from 2
to 8 pm for all the three day of the Fashion Week. We urge the public to support the design
industry and proudly wear MADE IN AFRICA, especially Tanzania and support our own
creative entrepreneurs” Said Esi Mgimba, PR & Media Manager
Swahili Fashion Week and Awards 2013 is sponsored by EATV, East Africa Radio, Vodacom
Tanzania, Sea Cliff Casino, Golden Tulip Hotel, BASATA, Darling Hair, Ultimate Security,
Global Outdoor Ltd, Prime Advertising, Bongo5, Quick Print Shop, Atsoko, Eventlites,
Century Cinemax, PKF, Push Mobile, Evervess, Maji Poa and 361 Degrees.
Swahili Fashion Week is THE largest and biggest fashion platform in East and Central Africa for
fashion and accessory designers from Swahili speaking countries and the African continent to
showcase their talent, market their creativity and network with clientele and the international
fashion industry.
This is all aimed at emphasizing to the region that fashion is an income generating creative
industry, meanwhile promoting a "Made in Africa" concept.
Swahili Fashion Week is a platform founded and created by celebrated Tanzanian couturier,
Mustafa Hassanali in year 2008.
2013 marks the Sixth edition of the Annual Swahili Fashion Week & Awards that will be held in
Dar es Salaam from 5th - 8th December 2013
CONTACT PERSON: Esi Mgimba, Media & PR Manager
TELEPHONE NUMBER: +255788900207


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