Winner of the 2011 Up coming Designer of the Year Award Eskado Bird has been  nominated for the 2012 Designer of The Year Award. Doreen Estazia Noni the brains behind Eskado Bird has a unique talent and modern vision which has fueled her rise in the film and fashion industry over a very short period of time. Her creative mind has proven to be powerful as witnessed by her ability to design collection which have been receiving global attention from Fashion Capitals such as New York, Johannesburg and Lagos. This year the creative designer Doreen Estazia Noni will be launching a collection entitled Evolution. A collection which celebrates creative acknowledgement and growth. Press the button to read more...!!
"How to and to what extent? Anyway and as much as possible" 
It is my attempt to celebrate the formation of creative growth and encourage our creative generation to explore the possibilities of self expression, to be honest to who you are and to communicate genuine emotions in a genuine way. Abandoning conventional traditions and advancing the art of fashion whilst maintaining international standards. It is important to embrace modern thoughts and practice but not neglect our social values. 

I love a world which reject the ideology of realism. It is my intention to encourage evolving creative talent in Tanzania to not be held back by traditional cultural tendencies. It is due time that our creative talents get heard in the corridors of the world through a language that celebrates creative growth. Let us renovate the necessary changes to prepare for a journey of self discovery to understand ones' creative intuition with no intellects involved. It is time to explore creative boundaries and praise the craft and artistry originality and imagination.

Eskado Bird has been nominated for the 2012 Swahili Fashion Week Designer of The Year Award. 

Escado as a fashioner dressed Epiq Bongo Star Search Contestants 2012 (EBSS) and also actors and actress that participate in Siri ya Mtungi documentary 
To support Eskado Bird visit http:/ or text SFWA2012 to 15678 
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