A man called Dennis is chatting to a girl on Facebook that he believes is in Jamaica, only for his friend to visit him with his girlfriend and for him to see that it is the same girl on Facebook. It turns out that her picture was stolen by an ex-boyfriend who has been using it to defraud innocent lonely men on Facebook. The conman ex-boyfriend is part of a fraud ring called The Knights. Leo, played by John Paul Nwadike, who is a member of The Knights is at danger of being thrown out as his indiscrete ways bring the group to the attention of the law. Cyrene played by Tonto Dikeh has been selling her body in an organised prostitute ring called The Angels, to her brother in law. She feels guilty about cheating with her sister’s husband and wants to break free from sleeping with him but he resorts to blackmail to keep her where he wants her, and with her boss’ consent. Jude, played by Yul Edochie who is Lord of the Knights wants to save enough money to settle down with Cyrene but when a fellow Knight steals his money, he is broke and decides to start pimping women. It is not long before everybody’s sordid secrets are dramatically spilled in a huge confrontation.


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