Ayoub mzee with Mrs Lydia Nsekera from Burundi the First Female FIFA Executive Committee Member

Lydia Nsekera  President of the Burundi Football Association and an International Olympic Committee (IOC) member since 2009
T.he 42-year-old is widely credited with having helped root out corruption in the sport in Burundi and has  received the IOC's 2009 Women and Sports Award.
A former high jumper and basketball player, Nsekera became the world’s second female to head a national football federation after Liberia’s Lizette Wesley Sombo.
Nsekera has pioneered the creation of women’s sports clubs in Burundi.
She also organised the inaugural Burundi women’s national football championships.She  is   among  the  few people who  decide which  country  will  host the  olympics


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