Mkia wa kutosha
 MISS WORLD 2011 is VENEZUELA!!!!!! 1st runner up, Philippines. 2nd runner up, Puerto Rico! 

Name:                        Salha Izrael KFAI
Age:                18
Height:                       0
Languages:   Swahili & English

Salha is currently a student hoping to become a lawyer. Hobbies include: swimming, watching movies, dancing and visiting national animal parks. Salha describes herself as courageous and confident and her personal motto is ‘Think Big, Dream Big, Achieve Big.’
Tell us a little something about your Country?
Tanzania is a country with the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. It has the beautiful island of Zanzibar and some of the biggest national parks.
Future ambitions?
To become a lawyer.
Describe yourself
I am courageous and confident, ready to face any challenge.
Personal Motto?
Think big, dream big, achieve big.
Favourite food?
My favourite food is Chinese pilau.
Favourite Music / Books?
My favourite musical genres are R&B and pop.
Do you have any pets?
I have two cats at home.
Special Talents?
My talent is dance.
Any other interesting facts?
I have visited Tanzania National Park many times. I like playing with small animals like baboons; I can even hold a python in my hands.


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