(United States of Nollywood?) The Nollywood machine roars on with a new movie from Nollywood, USA, – “This is Houston”. It stars one of the hottest actresses of the genre, Ini Edo, JJ Bunny, Pascal Atuma, Cynthia Masasi from Tanzania andMurphy Uka are also some of the big names attached to this much-anticipated feature. It is being releases by HD Publication and Faizer Atlantic Films and is directed by Kyle Lamar and Alister Auguste. The exciting aspect of the film is that it was conceptualized in the States.

JJ Bunny, who also stars in the film, wrote, produced and co-directed. She is one of the most talented and hardworking entertainer in the business. There will certainly be more to come from here. The movie also happens to draw most of its talents from the States. Most of the actors and actresses are US based, and most of the scenes were shot in the US. It’s a film that depicts lives of the young and the restless trying to survive in the big city against all the odds. The production value is supposed to be quite superior, putting it in a league of its own. Sounds worth checking out!


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