By all definitions A-T-shirt (or Tee Shirt) is a shirt is pulled over the head to cover most of the person's torso. A T-shirt is usually button-less and collarless, with a round neck a neck and short sleeves. However, many people use the term T-shirt to describe any short sleeved short or blouse. By the all means nothing outstanding or extraordinary.

This was before the birth of MACAPA clothing. MACAPA Clothing, a division of MACAPA fashions is collection of T-shirt and tops with various words that will captivate you first glance.

The brainchild of Mwika Prince Mtengeti MACAPA a clothing delivery urban message in both English and Kiswahili language that break stereotypes and ethnic confines, setting the new standard in street wear and establishes company as the complete Tanzanian urban lifestyle brand.

Since its inception in 2003, MACAPA clothing is committed to the principles of combining Urban Swahili street lingo with high quality materials to deliver messages and representing the Tanzanian youth.

As a student of printing Technology at the University of Hertfordshire in Watford England, Mwika developed a keen interest in promoting Tanzania Culture after noting a gap in the Market for the clothing that reflect their history and heritage.

“I noticed a lot of Tanzanian people were wearing and promoting foreign designers which did not echo their ethnic background. I wanted created something that a Tanzanian could be proud of and represent the new generation style as well. Thus, the birth of MACAPA” says Mwika

MACAPA clothing is currently having a mega sale where everything must go. The new collections aptly titled “Swahili Booze” and “Get Money” will be lunched soon. For further information, contact Mwika on
+255 759 330 993 or sales@macapaclothing.com

by Amby Lusekelo

Picture courtesy Macapa clothing


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